Empowering Your Business with Ethical AI

Unlock the full potential of AI with our comprehensive Ethical AI Training and Consultation services. Our expert-led training programs are designed to instill a robust framework of ethical principles, ensuring your AI technologies are safe, fair, and transparent. With a focus on real-world applications, continuous improvement, and stakeholder engagement, we help you navigate the complexities of AI ethics, fostering trust and confidence in your innovations. Partner with us to build a future where technology and ethics go hand in hand, safeguarding your business and enhancing public trust.

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Have the Conversations that build trust and longevity

In our three-part seminar Series, you will delve into the critical principles that guide responsible AI development and deployment. Learn about the foundational ethical values such as safety, fairness, transparency, and accountability, and how they apply to real-world scenarios. Our seminars cover a wide range of topics, including explainable AI, bias detection and mitigation, data privacy and security, and ethical risk assessment. Through interactive sessions and practical examples, you will gain the skills to implement robust ethical frameworks within your organization. Stay ahead of regulatory requirements, build stakeholder trust, and ensure your AI technologies contribute positively to society. Join us to explore the intersection of technology and ethics, and lead the way in responsible AI innovation.

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Learning through Experience

With over 12,000 students, Ross Asdourian teaches the most popular course in AI ethics available. He founded RatioAI and RobotsThink, a site dedicated to ethics in Artificial Intelligence, back in 2019. He is an author that has spoken at Wharton School of Business, Microsoft, VidCon, NBC, and the American Advertising Federation. For 15 years, he worked in entertainment, news, and advertising where he developed the ethical and legal guidelines for branded content and sponsored editorial advertisements on NBCNews Group (TODAY, MSNBC, CNBC, etc). After moving out of entertainment, he focused on developing, curating, and consulting in communications. 

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Online Education

"Artificial Intelligence Certification" is in Udemy's top 1% and marked as an elite program for their Udemy for Business Program. Visit at udemy.com/aiethics

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Company Seminars

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Three Stages of Ethical AI

Throughout the online course, the seminars, and the personal consulting, there are three stages of education and implementation. Each comes with a specific takeaway. These takeaways equip you, your employees, and your customer to understand not only what you believe, but why you believe it. These questions are:

What are ethics?

What are ethics in AI?

How do I create my company's values and ethical principles?

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Reviews from Udemy

This course gives a lot of information in a short period, plenty of food for thought. It was well worth doing, looking at the ethical implications of using AI in different workplaces and giving plenty of opportunity to test your understanding. Excellent course.

Jimmy R. Sales Manager

I firmly believe these topics should be studied further and companies implementing AI need to start building ethically, this training though is short has a lot of clear content.

Valentina P Project Manager

It was a pleasant ride. The principles were explained in simple, understandable terms. I'm grateful for this course. I have an elaborate understanding of the AI system and the Governance compliances.

Caleb U Software Engineer