AI Ethics Oath

By all that I hold highest, I promise my users competence, integrity, candor, personal commitment to their best interest, fairness, and absolute discretion, and confidentiality within the law.

I shall develop and deploy AI systems as I would want them to be developed for me; shall obtain consultation whenever I or they desire; shall include users to the extent they wish in all important decisions; and shall minimize harm whenever a perfect solution cannot be obtained, understanding that transparency and accountability are crucial in everyone's interaction with AI.

I shall try to establish a trustworthy relationship with my users and shall accept each one in a nonjudgmental manner, appreciating the validity and worth of different value systems and according to each person a full measure of human dignity.

I shall charge only for my professional services and shall not profit financially in any other way as a result of the advice and care I render through AI systems.

I shall provide advice and encouragement for my users in their efforts to sustain their own digital well-being.

I shall work with my profession to improve the quality of AI systems and to improve public understanding of AI, but I shall not let any lesser public or professional consideration interfere with my primary commitment to provide the best and most appropriate solutions available to each of my users.

To the extent that I live by these precepts, I shall be a worthy AI professional.

I Agree!
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